Marc Laliberte

Combating the Modern Cyber Threat Landscape

In just the last few years we’ve seen cybercriminals commoditize the entire attack delivery pipeline on underground marketplaces, generative AI enable spear phishing at scale, and improvements in endpoint protection force a shift to Living-off-the-Land techniques. Modern cyber threats are not just more evasive, they require significantly less skill to execute, meaning attackers can earn a return on investment going after any size of organization. In this presentation, we’ll cover the top cyber threat trends and techniques from an attacker’s perspective and give guidance on specific policies and controls you can adopt to defend your business. 

Marc Laliberte is the Director of Security Operations at WatchGuard Technologies after joining the team in 2012. At WatchGuard, Marc is also responsible for leading the internal security organization as well as the Product Security Incident Response Team (WatchGuard PSIRT) and the threat research team, WatchGaurd Threat Lab. Marc is a leader in the security industry with speaking appearances at industry events including RSA and BlackHat, and a regular contributor to online IT, technology and security publications. Marc is a hacker true and true, always looking to learn from security weaknesses and provide guidance to organizations on risk management. 

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