Article, Press update 15 February 2023

Keynote speaker and AI expert Nina Schick: “We’re about to enter a new era of machine-powered intelligence”

Keynote speaker and AI expert Nina Schick: "We're about to enter a new era of machine-powered intelligence"
AI expert Nina Schick is one of the keynote speakers at Cybersec Europe 2023, the cybersecurity event taking place on the 19th and 20th of April in Brussels.

Nina Schick argues that Generative AI will lead to a new phase in human evolution, one that will fundamentally reshape all aspects of human creativity, communication, knowledge and information. But as these seemingly omnipotent technologies reshape the world, society will need to be able to answer the following questions: Will AI augment or automate us? Who will, or should, control Gen AI systems? How do companies and nation-states start thinking about a GenAI strategy? Nina Schick will help you find the answers in her keynote on the first day (19th April) of Cybersec Europe 2023.

What are you going to tell the audience at Cybersec Europe 2023?

“I will tell the macro story of Generative AI, and how the advances in a new field of Artificial Intelligence are going to lead to a new stage in human evolution. Generative AI is not only immediately applicable in our work, but it will ultimately also change our experience as humans.”

Can you already reveal your keylearning from your keynote?

“That we are about to enter a new era of machine-powered intelligence that will transform human experience, from the mundane activities of our day-to-day lives to the highly philosophical questions about what it means to human, everything will have to re-examined.”

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