Ivana Butorac

AI Checkmate: Legal Moves and Compliance Strategies in the Cybersecurity Chess Game

In today’s fast-paced technological landscape, the challenge of navigating upcoming regulations looms large for organizations and cybersecurity professionals alike. Often viewed as a cumbersome hurdle, compliance is actually a crucial asset in the cybersecurity arsenal when approached strategically. As the era of AI and the impending AI Act shape the business and societal landscape, understanding and leveraging compliance moves becomes paramount in the cybersecurity chess game. Deciphering complex legal requirements transforms compliance from a perceived blocker into a winning component for designing robust cybersecurity solutions. This intriguing dynamic not only impacts the business environment but also holds implications for society at large. It presents a fascinating chess game where AI is the King, but companies’ cybersecurity success hinges on understanding and strategically leveraging compliance moves towards a checkmate. 

Ivana Butorac is the EU Cyber Compliance manager in Sopra Steria Belgium, with 7 years of experience in IT industry. She gained experience working in leading IT multinationals such as Cisco Systems, CGI Belgium and currently Sopra Steria. She is specialized in providing cyber compliance, data protection&privacy consulting services in Government Affairs domain, primarily for the EU bodies and Member States. She is a certified CIPP/E professional, holds LLM in IP&ICT law from KU Leuven. Ivana is regular conference speaker and law&cyber blogger on topics such as AI, data security, encryption and privacy by design.

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