Anthony Green

Anthony Green

Demystifying AI in Cybersecurity

Anthony Green’s presentation is a captivating journey through AI’s role in cybersecurity, tailored for a professional audience. He begins by clarifying what AI is and then distinguishes between machine learning (ML) and the emerging generative AI (GenAI), highlighting their unique contributions to digital security. The talk provides insights into how ML has fortified cybersecurity over the past decade and explores the innovative applications of GenAI. Looking forward, Anthony speculates on the exciting possibilities that ML and GenAI hold for the future, promising a transformative impact on our digital defenses. This talk promises to enlighten and inspire, showcasing the critical role of AI in shaping a secure online future.  

Anthony Green is a highly motivated and accomplished security professional with a proven track record of success in managing security operations and compliance. From practitioner to founder, Anthony has done it all. 

Anthony also enjoys giving back through teaching and leading academic programs. As the Program Lead for Academic Cybersecurity Programs at University of British Columbia (UBC), he is currently building a comprehensive Professional Certification in Cyber Security Program Management. His passion for sharing his knowledge and expertise is further demonstrated by his role as the instructor of the Cyber Security Strategy and Risk Management Micro-Credential at UBC.

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