Christo Butcher

Christo Butcher

Juicy war stories: behind the scenes of the latest incident response cases

Being the top incident response partner in the region puts us right in the middle of the latest cyberattacks. We see how threat actors work, who they target and how their techniques are evolving over time. And we drive innovation within incident response to deal with those threats in the rapidly changing business and IT landscapes. 
This talk highlights on the one hand noteworthy developments in the threat landscape, including shifts in how adversaries get into victim environments, new ways they bypass MFA, evade endpoint protection, and circumvent other security controls. 

On the other hand, this talk also dives into the challenges of dealing with these cyberattacks in modern environments. More systems, more virtualization, more cloud, more supply chain complexity, are all leading to changes in how effective incident response must be done. We are leading a transformation to deliver the speed, scale and diversity required to match the growing threat landscape. And without the need for expensive commercial tools everybody is able to benefit from this community-driven revolution. 

Christo Butcher has been instrumental in safeguarding companies since the turn of the century. His expertise spans various domains within cybersecurity, ranging from constructing high-assurance products for governmental entities to monitoring threat actors and their malicious software. With a focus on delivering managed detection services and fostering the growth of clients’ cyber maturity, Christo has a knack for dissecting intricate cybersecurity challenges into manageable solutions. He excels in illuminating the intricacies of cyber attacks and formulating evidence-based strategies to fortify organizations against them. In an era marked by constantly evolving cyber threats, Christo Butcher is dedicated to providing clarity, insight, and data-driven resolutions. His passion lies in collaborative efforts aimed at enhancing the safety of our digital landscape.

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