Claudio Solano

Claudio Solano

Digital Governance and Trust: Case at NATO Headquarters

Even an Organization like NATO, founded in 1949 by 12 countries and which today includes 31 nations for the freedom and common defence of over a billion citizens, is not immune to digitalisation.

Digital transformation is vital and must be part of the strategy of every organization that adapts to the times and invests in technological renewal to always be at the forefront.

All this requires effective and efficient management of the resources made available, through optimal orchestration and adequate processes, enabled by a trusted digital governance.

In less than 20 minutes, you will know more about NATO and how it works, especially of its Headquarters that is located in Brussels and that host a large and heterogeneous community of users for which the Intelligent-Information-Sharing (IIS) is balanced by the principle of Need-To-Know (NTK).

The digital governance require adaptation and evolution to be trusted and successful, and above all to fully support the Organization’s mission and objective and, if possible, further extend them.

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