Jean-Noël de Galzain

Jean-Noël de Galzain

NIS 2 Directive: an opportunate shift in European cybersecurity

As the NIS Directive, which has allowed a shift in mindset among institutional actors and key organizations in sensitive sectors since 2016 in their approach and understanding of cybersecurity issues, the entry into force of NIS 2 in autumn 2024 represents a major move for the entire economic world. 

The new mandatory legislation, which set higher cybersecurity standards at the European level, will indeed lead to a wide range of sectors and services to enhance their cyber resilience against growing threats, thus signaling a shift towards a systematic approach to cybersecurity across the continent.  

But beyond this standard imposing obligations on organizations, NIS 2 is a real opportunity for our economy. By pushing a comprehensive strengthening of digital security, the directive addresses a significant risk directly linked to the rapid digital transformation of our society: the even more rapid progression of the cyber risk our economy faces. Now more than ever, digital security and European collaboration must be a priority. 

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