Marijke Verhavert

Marijke Verhavert

The future of Cybersecurity

Marijke is Director of TomorrowLab, a key company of the Living Tomorrow Group. Founded in 2019, TomorrowLab has become a hub for pioneering future technologies and trends, and excels in leading foresight and innovation initiatives. At the core of Marijkes approach is a belief in the transformative power of understanding the future to make swift and informed decisions and to turn visionary ideas into reality, contributing to a better world. With previous experience as part of the management team for the Flemish Government organisation Digitaal Vlaanderen , Marijke has played a crucial role in spearheading digital transformation initiatives across governments in Flanders. This blend of public sector insight and cutting-edge innovation underpins Marijke’s approach to understanding the future.

The cybersecurity landscape is on the cusp of significant change, influenced by evolving geopolitical dynamics, economic fluctuations, technological breakthroughs, and demographic shifts. These elements are reshaping how cybersecurity is perceived and integrated into our daily lives.

Strategic foresight is increasingly important in this context, extending beyond the current operational framework. Understanding how various forces and uncertainties will reshape the cybersecurity field is crucial for navigating the future. This involves an in-depth analysis of potential future scenarios from a strategic standpoint.

When planning for the cybersecurity landscape of 2040, it’s essential to consider not the world as it stands today but the world as it will likely be.

To address this, the future explorer organization called Tomorrowlab, has initiated a project aimed at exploring the Future of Cybersecurity to 2040 and developed scenarios that uncover new insights and identify overlooked aspects with long-term impacts on the overall cybersecurity sector. The primary goal is to move beyond conventional thinking and strengthen strategic decision-making in this area.

Marijke will give insights on findings coming from this study.

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