Miguel de Bruycker

Miguel De Bruycker

Cybersecurity Made in Belgium

For the past 20 years, we have been investing in cybersecurity. Since the establishment of the EU Agency for Cybersecurity in 2004 and the implementation of various cyber strategies, we have focused on information sharing, collaboration, resilience, and capacity building, among other initiatives. However, can we claim victory in this battle? Unfortunately, not really. Cybercrime rates are increasing by 30 to 40% annually, and projections indicate a continuation of this growth trend. Belgium has devised an Active Cyber Protection strategy with five pillars that may alter this trajectory in the years to come.

Miguel De Bruycker, the head of the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium, received praise for winning the 2023 Cyber Security Personality Award. His forward-thinking leadership and innovative projects have elevated Belgium’s position in cybersecurity, highlighting a major achievement in acknowledgment of his outstanding contributions to the field.

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