Emmanuel Kessler


Keynote: Fighting against cybercrime as a major security answer

Time: Thursday 12 May, 9.30am – 10.15am

The security of the digital space has become a major matter at international and European level, in protecting citizens and companies against cyber threats. In answer,  the Law enforcement authorities, supported at European level by EUROPOL, lead operations and investigations on daily basis. Facing a still evolving cybercrime, investigators adapt to cope with the new digital challenges. The law enforcement agency provides a support to European services in coordination, operational measures, technical expertise, with a constant mind of innovation so as to grant the successes of tomorrow, in protection of the victims.   

About Emmanuel Kessler

Emmanuel Kessler is the head of the prevention & awareness in EC3, the Cybercrime Centre of EUROPOL, also covering the partnership activities with the private sector. He has joined the agency in 2020. He used to work previously as a police officer in the National Cybercrime Unit in France (2017) and was in charge of cooperation against cybercrime in the Department of International Cooperation of the French Ministry of Interior from 2011 to 2017.