This is where business meets innovation.

For two days, the FutureLab is the place to find the latest innovations, really experience innovations, meet startups and discover unicorns.

Participants will be surprised with an experience plaza at the beginning of the expo: over 300 square meters with innovative experiences. Combined with the Computable Café, it is the meeting place of Cybersec Europe. A place to experience the future together and to be inspired on the topics of the future. Of course it is inspirational to see what possibilities there are, but at Cybersec Europe we also want to show how you can use this technology in your business from day one. Moderator Geena Lisa will present the Futurelab program and demonstrate how solutions can be implemented in the workplace.

The following topics will provide the framework for FutureLab:

  • Digital transformation & Automation
  • Improve Security Awareness
  • Cybersecurity Innovation
  • European Cyber Security perspectives
  • Cybersecurity solutions
  • Machine learning, Data intelligence & AI
  • IoT & 5G
  • Cloud strategies

The following participants will provide insights about innovative technologies in the FutureLab:

  • Humain.ai : People driven digital transformation
  • Sweepatic : External Attack Surface Management
  • Dotdash.ai : Data science 2.0 by using knowledge graphs and hybrid AI
  • Jimber : Full service IT cyber security provider
  • Cumul.io : Customer-facing analytics for SaaS platforms
  • Sinch / Chatlayer : Conversational AI chatbot
  • GIM : Smart geo insights
  • Citymesh : Wireless connectivity and 5G