Tobias Schroedel


Keynote: Hacking for everybody

Time: Thursday 12 May, 1.45pm-2.30pm

In his keynote, Tobias Schroedel will investigate on IT security topics from a different point of view. After a close look on stolen passwords from the darknet, he will focus on smart devices from the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). Are we facing risks we don’t see? And since when do we need to be afraid of lightbulbs? Finally, Tobias will introduce you to the future of phishing e-mails. What does the next generation of password stealing, CEO fraud and ransomware attacks look like? 

About Tobias Schroedel

Tobias Schroedel is “Germany’s first IT comedian” – this is how the magazine CHIP once wrote. And in fact, he explains technical system gaps and interrelationships in a way that is understandable for everyone and does not neglect the fun – regardless of whether as a live hacker, speaker or moderator.


Since 2011, Schroedel shows up on German television, whenever „stern TV“ (a magazine format at RTL TV) deals with IT security, computers or smartphones. There, he is regularly explaining complex technical issues in a way that everyone can understand. He writes a weekly column and has published five books. Not only are these successful, two of them are awarded. “Hacking for Managers” was honored with the “getAbstract award” as “Best Business Book of the year 2011” and “It’s a Nerd’s World” received the EMYS youth non-fiction book award in August 2019.


Tobias Schroedel is an IT specialist and has worked for T-Systems as a consultant for almost 14 years in the area of IT-security. Before this, he was responsible for the development of logistics solutions in the enterprise business at United Parcel Service. He is a certified trainer for IT-specialists and has been taking the exams for this profession for the Chamber of Commerce for almost two decades.