Celebration winner of a Marketing award

A call to all exhibitors of Cybersec Europe 2024

The marketing awards at Cybersec Europe have expanded this year, offering additional incentives and prizes that make winning even more rewarding. It’s definitely worth aiming for victory at these prestigious awards this year.We are thrilled to announce this great opportunity for our exhibitors to stand out and be recognized for their contributions to the field. This is your chance to elevate your brand, gain exposure, and solidify your position as a leader in the cybersecurity branche.

Win an exclusively designed award by our communication partner: All Colors of Communication, featured visibility on our channels, and one of our media packages worth up to €5.450,- to promote your brand for next years edition: Cybersec Europe 2025!

Awards most registrations per m2 & best new kid in town 2024

The Awards

  • Stand Out from the Crowd:
    Wins: Digital Attract Package
    Are you the exhibitor that nails it on all fronts, from communication and booth design to sales behavior and activation? This award is for the exhibitor whose participationis simply flawless, leaving a lasting impression on our audience.
  • Best New Kid in Town:
    Wins: Digital Accelerate Package
    Are you the fresh face making waves on the exhibition floor? Have you mastered every aspect of your Cybersec participation, from activation and communication to sales behavior? This award celebrates the newcomer who hits all the right notes.
  • Most Registrations:
    Wins: Digital Engage Package
    Have you successfully captured the attention of our attendees and gained the highest number of registrations? Your ability to engage and connect with our audience deserves recognition, and this award is your chance to shine!
  • Most Registrations per m2:
    Wins: Digital Engage Package
    Size doesn’t matter when it comes to making an impact. If you’ve maximized your network and attracted an impressive number of registrations per square meter, this award is for you!
  • LinkedIn Buzz:
    Wins: Digital Accelerate Package
    Are you generating quality content and sparking conversations on LinkedIn related to Cybersec Europe? Share your success stories, thought leadership, and engaging content to win the hearts and minds of our community. Make sure to mention Cybersec Europe in your posts to keep us on track!
Media Packages Cybersec Europe

Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your achievements and propel your brand to new heights on Cybersec Europe 2024.

Good luck, and may the most innovative minds prevail!


– Team Cybersec

Media Partner