Cédric Van Loon (ITdaily):”People often are the weakest link in the security chain”


ITdaily, a unique partnership in the fight against cybercrime, and Cybersec Europe join forces to facilitate knowledge sharing on the subject of cyber security in Europe. Cédric Van Loon, Online publisher ITdaily answers some questions about cybersecurity.

What does ITdaily do?

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What is the biggest cybersecurity threat for companies in 2023?

The biggest threat in cybersecurity in 2023 remains credential theft. Compromised accounts are the preferred vector for all but the most advanced cyber attacks. Cyber criminals have become more professional than ever, and they run businesses that try to make money. Ransomware, extortion, or a combination of the two have proven effective ways to make money. However, if accounts are adequately protected, an attack resulting in extortion is far more difficult to pursue. Lots of threat actors will move on to easier targets.

For organisations to counter these threats, they more than ever must invest in awareness and training. People often are the weakest link in the security chain.

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When talking to cybersecurity specialists, almost all of them agree: the current security landscape is extremely complex. It’s not easy to discover what’s essential in security, what’s nice to have. With consolidation in mind, companies will have to make big decisions about which vendors to trust and which strategies to follow.

An event like Cybersec Europe brings all relevant cybersecurity specialists and companies together in one place. It allows everyone to get all relevant perspectives on the matter. You get the information on the latest developments from the horses mouth and, importantly, the event is vendor agnostic so it’s easier to separate marketing from reality.

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