ESET provides dns filtering to KPN customers


IT security firm ESET provides domain name system (dns) filtering to telecom company KPN. This service would better protect home networks of KPN customers from malware, phishing and unwanted content.
KPN is integrating the dns filter into KPN Safe Home, an ICT security offering for private customers. The product, ESET NetProtect, adds an extra layer of security to their home network. It is activated with a single click for protection of all connected devices, according to the companies. This is useful at a time when households are using a range of smart and iot devices.

According to KPN, 15% of the Dutch population will be victims of a cyber-attack by 2022. For the two companies, this shows the urgency of digital security and the advanced technologies that have become an integral part of everyday life.

To underline the importance of the cooperation, the two companies commissioned a survey on consumers’ experiences and needs regarding online safety.This showed that, on average, consumers rate their online safety at 6.9. Young people relatively often feel unsafe online due to cyberbullying and scamming (such as deception and scams).Two thirds of respondents consider online safety more important than online convenience.

Dave Maasland, director and owner of ESET Netherlands, is enthusiastic about the collaboration with KPN.’We have worked hard together to give consumers the very feeling of regaining a bit of control, to build in a safety net so that people do dare to click on that link or to allow children to be freer on the internet,’ he writes on LinkedIn.


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