Joris Derden (Lenovo): “The ICT sector as such must also respond to the changing trends”

Joris Derden (Lenovo): "The ICT sector as such must also respond to the changing trends"


Lenovo is one of the 100+ exhibitors at Cybersec Europe on the 19th and 20th of April in Brussels. Joris Derden, Territory Marketing Leader at Lenovo, tells us why he is looking forward to this European event on cybersecurity.

Why are you attending Cybersec Europe again as an exhibitor?

“Storage Expo, Data & Cloud Expo, Cybersec Europe: the place-to-be for the ICT sector in spring is the Heyzel. There is only 1 place in Belgium where you can present your company, products and services to such a wide ICT audience. Not attending would simply be pernicious.”

Why are events like Cybersec Europe important for the world of cybersecurity?

“Just as the ICT sector and society in general is evolving tremendously fast, so too must sector-specific events adapt and re-energize tremendously quickly. Not only the products and services must meet the rapidly changing demands. The sector as such must also respond to the changing trends. Let’s face it, cybersecurity is topical and top-of-mind with many IT professionals every day.”

What are you going to show the visitors of Cybersec Europe 2023?

“The full potential of Lenovo, from the pocket to the cloud. Our full range of products, solutions and services whether the infrastructure is on-premise in the datacenter, at the edge or in the Cloud.”

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