‘Most Valuable Hacker’ and keynote speaker Inti De Ceukelaire: “The most basic assumptions are wrong”

‘Most Valuable Hacker’ and keynote speaker Inti De Ceukelaire: "The most basic assumptions are wrong"
27 February 2023
2 min
Ethical hacker and bug bounty hunter Inti De Ceukelaire is one of the keynote speakers at Cybersec Europe 2023, the cybersecurity event taking place on the 19th and 20th of April in Brussels.

Inti De Ceukelaire is a Belgian ethical hacker and bug bounty hunter. He has made national headlines numerous times with his security awareness stunts, reaching from manipulating the twitter account of US President Donald Trump to publishing fake news on the Vactican’s website. As an ethical hacker, Inti hunts down security vulnerabilities in companies like Facebook, Google, Dropbox and the US Department of Defense. In 2018, Inti was awarded the ‘Most Valuable Hacker’ award, one of the most prestigious titles an ethical hacker can receive. Inti De Ceukelaire will help you shield your core in his keynote on the first day (19th April) of Cybersec Europe 2023.

What are you going to tell the audience at Cybersec Europe 2023?

“If a hacker cannot exploit a vulnerability in a product, they might find one in the foundation! We’ve built the internet upon standards established decades ago, resulting in some considerable security consequences today. In this talk, I will reveal my RFC research playbook and will discuss some of my recent finds. Ironically being RFC-compliant sometimes exposes you to additional risks.”

Can you already reveal the keylearning from your keynote?

“Our modern infrastructure is built upon outdated standards and ideas that still have unexpected security consequences today. As developers and decision makers trust their assumptions, the importance of reading and understanding the full documentation of a technology is often neglected. In my talk, I will show that even the most basic assumptions are wrong.”

Why shouldn’t visitors miss your keynote?

“The techniques revealed are simple to exploit and extremely common, with a multitude of Fortune 500 companies vulnerable. The hands-on examples will be valuable and inspiring to everyone regardless of their industry or position, and may have a permanent impact on the way we evaluate cybersecurity standards and flows.”

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