Saskia Brugman (Women4Cyber):”The Foundation works to help raise the voices of women”

06 April 2023
2 min
Women4Cyber, a unique partnership in the fight against cybercrime, and Cybersec Europe join forces to facilitate knowledge sharing on the subject of cyber security in Europe. Saskia Brugman, Operational Coordinator Women4cyber Foundation answers some questions about cybersecurity.

What is the mission of Women4Cyber?

The Women4Cyber Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded in 2019 aimed at promoting, encouraging, and supporting the participation of women in the field of cybersecurity. Its mission is to develop and grow a cybersecurity community through networking, awareness, education, and training. To do that, the Foundation works to help raise the voices of women through social media and events, enhance female participation in cyber education, and promote Role Models and tailored training programs for entry, up-skilling or re-skilling in cybersecurity.

What is the biggest cybersecurity threat for companies in 2023?

One of the biggest threats for companies in 2023 is likely to be ransomware attacks, which have become increasingly sophisticated and targeted. IoT devices also pose a significant threat, as they are often not designed with robust security features and can be exploited by attackers to gain access to company networks. Supply chain attacks are another rising threat, where attackers compromise a company’s software or hardware suppliers to gain access to their targets. Cloud security breaches are also a concern, as companies increasingly rely on cloud services to store and process sensitive data. Overall, the biggest threat in cybersecurity for companies in 2023 is likely to be a combination of these and other emerging cyber threats. To protect against these threats, companies need a robust cybersecurity strategy that includes regular security assessments, employee training, and up-to-date security technologies and best practices.

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