Steer your cybersecurity career

13 April 2023
2 min
Cybersecurity roles building and skills management: Take in charge your own destiny and optimize your career path in Cybersecurity starting from today. This slot is dedicated to the cybersecurity professionals, consultants, and leaders.
  1. The European Cybersecurity Framework (ECSF) by Fabio di Franco from ENISA.

The ECSF provides a practical tool to support the identification and articulation of tasks, competences, skills, and knowledge associated with the roles of European cybersecurity professionals. The main purpose of the framework is to create a common understanding between individuals, employers, and providers of learning programs across EU Member States, making it a valuable tool to bridge the gap between the cybersecurity professional workplace and learning environments.

  1. Skills building and education needs for Cybersecurity professionals by Professor Georges Ataya, from Solvay Lifelong learning.

How many frameworks align with skills and skill-building activities and how to evaluate your own skills with the use of a free tool, made available to CYBERSEC EUROPE attendees.  How to track your career path through the various roles of the ECSF and build your career while increasing your skill levels in the necessary domains and categories. Discover the Skills Framework for Information age and then build and track your Skills DNA to suit targeted jobs and activities.

  1. European Cybersecurity roles survey by Raffaele Jacovelli, President of Hightech Partners (HTP) and member of the Board of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC).

A roles survey was conducted on a European scale by HTP executive search firm and the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO).  Preliminary results shall be presented highlighting the positions, education, reporting, ambitions and other facts related to the European CISOs. CYBERSEC EUROPE attendees shall get the opportunity to participate and to receive the full results.

Join us on 19 April at 10:00-11:00 in the CYBER HUB.

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