These Security Innovations Could Win Awards at Cybersec Europe

Winner Computable Award at Cybersec Europe 2023



Computable will also present two Security Awards at Cybersec Europe as part of its Computable Awards. One award is for Security Innovation of the Year and the other focuses on Security Awareness. Below, we have listed the nominees for you. A panel of experts will decide the winners on May 30th.

Security Innovation of the Year Award

The concept of innovation in security is broadly interpreted for this Computable Award. It can involve a solution, product, technology, approach, or project. The eight nominees will present themselves on May 30th at Cybersec Europe from 12:45 PM on the Heroes stage and answer questions from the expert panel.

The eight nominees for Security Innovation are (in alphabetical order):
  • Cegeka’s Cyber Security Observability Dashboard: A centralized digital platform providing a comprehensive overview of security activities that companies need to consider to enhance their cyber resilience.
  • Check Point – Quantum SASE: A hybrid SASE solution consisting of three components: on-device network protection, cloud network protection, and a unified security gateway with built-in SD-WAN and IoT security.
  • Cortex XSIAM: A security solution that helps optimize the security operations center.
  • e-Vision: A secure content delivery platform based on a zero-trust architecture, allowing remote access to data, applications, and communication with both audio and video.
  • Fortinet Advisor: This generative AI assistant supports and guides security operations (SecOps) teams to investigate and resolve threats more quickly.
  • Jamf Executive Threat Protection: A comprehensive security solution for mobile devices that detects and neutralizes advanced mobile threats such as Pegasus and zero-day attacks.
  • Multibel: A Software as a Service business continuity safety platform that functions as a mission-critical solution entirely independent of its own infrastructure.
  • Smart Surveillance by Axis and Oddity: This approach, based on AI and video camera technology, detects violent crimes. The security solution combines object recognition and behavior analysis, enabling authorities to respond quickly and proactively to public order disruptions.

Security Awareness Award

Security innovation is not the only award Computable will present at Cybersec Europe 2024. This year, extra attention is given to the human aspect of security (the so-called ‘human shield’) through the Computable Award for Security Awareness.

The five nominees are (in alphabetical order):
  • Agoria Cybersecurity Awareness Program: An internal cybersecurity program divided into two parts: a Cybersecurity Awareness campaign and the implementation of a larger technical cybersecurity component.
  • Cyberwolf: Describes itself as ‘your digital bodyguard’. Their solution and approach provide protection against digital risks that fall outside an organization’s scope, with a focus on high-profile protection.
  • Fortinet’s Security Awareness Curriculum: Offers teachers a comprehensive guide with lesson plans, handouts, and more to help foster classroom interaction on cybersecurity topics.
  • OutKept: A phishing simulation platform that enables organizations to conduct automated phishing simulations and stands out by collaborating with an open community of ethical phishers.
  • SoSafe: A cybersecurity awareness provider founded by a psychologist aiming to focus on the human factor. Their approach is based on ‘incidental learning’ combined with spear phishing simulation to help employees understand, detect, and neutralize cyber threats.

Want to Attend?

The Computable Awards 2024 will be presented on May 30th, which is day two of Cybersec Europe, on the Heroes Stage and are freely accessible to attend. The pitches for these Security Awards start at 12:45 PM, and the Computable Awards will be presented at 3:45 PM. More information about the program of Cybersec Europe 2024 can be found on this site and register now to attend!


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