Bjørn R. Watne

The Future of Cybersecurity

Explore how security becomes an imperative in the face of global digitalization, providing stability and trust amidst uncertainty. Gain perspectives on how cybersecurity professionals have had to change – and keep changing – their focus and strategies to adequately protect and support a society during rapid change. This session is founded in the personal and professional experiences from a long-term security practitioner, showcasing security becoming a necessity in the modern landscape. 

Mr. Watne holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from University of Agder in Norway and an Executive MBA from ESCP Business School in France. Watne has more than 20 years of professional experience with information security and cyber risk management in Europe and Asia. Over the years he’s held numerous board and committee positions with different professional bodies and is a regular speaker at industry events. A long-term ISACA member, he’s been a chapter leader for several years and served as the president of the ISACA Norway Chapter. In 2021 Mr. Watne was named amongst the Global Topp 100 Leaders in Information Security by Corinium Global Intelligence, and in 2022 he was one of the finalists for the Outstanding Chief Information Security Officer -award, handed out by the OSPAs.