Dave Maasland

From Scoring Goals to Securing Data: How the KNVB Cyber Crisis Became A Game Changer in Sports Security

In the wake of the KNVB cyber crisis, the unique security challenges in sports have come into sharp focus. As a cybersecurity CEO and board member of a professional football club, I bring a dual perspective to this discussion. The sports industry, with its high-profile VIPs like footballers, is a prime target for cyber threats. These individuals are not just athletes but public figures, making them and their clubs vulnerable to attacks motivated by factors like rivalry and fame. The sports sector faces a distinct challenge due to its unparalleled brand awareness. Every major club is a household name, and their widespread recognition extends beyond fans to include potential attackers. This 100% brand awareness means everyone has an opinion, and the public scrutiny is intense. It’s not just about protecting data; it’s about safeguarding reputations and maintaining public trust. This keynote explores these challenges and how the KNVB incident serves as a crucial turning point, offering unexpected inspiration for robust cybersecurity strategies in the sports world and beyond.

Dave Maasland (1990) is CEO at ESET Netherlands. This is one of the largest IT Security companies in the Netherlands and the ESET brand is represented worldwide. From his field of cybersecurity, he talks about the risks, but especially the opportunities that the digital world offers. With his passion for IT and technology, he wants to enthuse people and take away the fear of ignorance. Maasland: “We want to help people and companies further and make the Netherlands increasingly safer in this way.”