Margo Cronin

The Symbiotic Relationship Between generative AI and Cybersecurity Professionals

Security is fundamentally about people This speech will explore the symbiotic relationship between security professionals and generative AI. 
Cybersecurity is constantly evolving, and organizations must anticipate the changing methods of cyberattacks, which will exploit every new opportunity in to gain access to valuable and sensitive data. This complexity requires us to constantly innovate and evolve our security strategies.  
AI and generative models are powerful new tools that can accelerate our application security, make security knowledge more accessible, and enable our people to make better decisions. But these are complements to human skill, not replacements. Skilled security professionals are still required to ensure each layer of defense is effective. Expanding the cybersecurity community and bringing more people into the profession is critical. 
The most secure path, pairs sophisticated tooling like AI with skilled engineers. Security must be deeply ingrained in a culture of innovation, not an obstacle.  
This speech will explore how generative AI and machine learning models strengthen human insights and contextual intelligence informing security decisions. At Amazon Web Services, we’ve seen this pattern reward repeatedly when it comes to security. At AWS, our customer obsession and culture of security drives us to constantly invest in security innovations that raise the bar while enabling builders to meet business needs for speed and flexibility. 

Margo Cronin is an EMEA based Principal Security and Compliance Specialist at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Margo helps customers understand and mitigate their risk appetite when building secure and resilient solutions the cloud. With over 25 years in the IT industry she has extensive experience in mapping compliance, legal and regulatory controls to technical and organizational solutions, helping customers address technical and risk based security concerns. Prior to AWS, Margo held multiple senior technology leadership roles acting as a trusted advisor to FSI enterprises sharing experience and strategies with a focus on security.

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